6 months ago when I started Pure, Simple one of my intentions was to make a statement about accommodating food diets. No matter what the limitations (nutrition, allergies, beliefs, etc.), I feel it is always possible to turn your diet into something that is delicious and makes you feel good in body and mind.

In a world of “failure piles in sadness bowls” and “Doritos locos tacos,” temptation is persistent and having a consistently healthy diet will happen when pigs fly, or at least is seems. I’m pretty sure I won’t die if I never eat Kentucky Fried Chicken again, in fact it might just be the opposite, but you’d never guess it by the reactions I get when I explain my list of food allergies. Recently, however, I realized that even though it might seem so at times, I am not the only one resisting the magnetic field of America’s delicious genetically modified organisms.

I bumped into some friends at the grocery store the other day and we were discussing the horrific plague of allergies the season has showered on us. I casually mentioned the use of bee pollen as an all natural allergy aid explaining that by eating a few granules of local pollen a day, your body can build up a tolerance to the invisible clouds of allergens fogging up any sight of relief or comfort. It was casually brought to my attention, by this very humble couple, that my idea was logical but they would prefer not partake in consuming any products that come from bees due to their vegan lifestyle. Helloooo! I thought to myself. I was quite aware of their lifestyle but the commitment of their chosen diet didn’t click until that particular moment.

Now I could discuss the many arguments about bee pollen and weather or not the harvesting of pollen can be considered animal exploitation, yada, yada, yada, but like it or not, these vegans are dedicated. Not only do they modify their diet based on belief, they stick to it because it makes them feel good. I love this! So next time you have the urge to pity a friend because she can’t eat that piece of decadent birthday cake, rethink things. She’s probably doing it for a reason.

Pure, Simple


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