For some it’s necessary, for others it’s becoming a fad. Even our most beloved athletes are taking on the health conscious ways of gluten-free eating.  During this year’s Tour De France it was no secret that team Garmin-Cervelo was undertaking a revamped gluten-free diet to aid in reducing the amount of inflammation that the gluten property in pastas and breads is believed to cause. Is it really better for all of us? If you’re curious about gluten-free eating in the U.S., don’t miss this article in the N.Y. Times inspired by Debbie Deaver, a Salt Lake City resident who brought Utah their first gluten-free expo and has made it a huge success. Go ahead, give it a shot. Who knows? It might make you feel like Captain America.

These Guys Are Fast

By the way, Captain America is vegan(or mostly vegan that is). A perfect example of how a restricted diet can lead you to victory. It’s simply about what works and what makes us feel good.

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